Paying for Team game participation

Paying for Team game participation

Bridge Base Online (BBO) now permits players to transfer money in the form of BB $ to organisers of special events, like the team games organised by MasterBridge Online.

If you wish to pay MasterBridge Online for an upcoming event, please follow these steps:

To pay for the Aug 23 Team event, the cost is $BB 10 per player – you can pay for 1, 2, 3 or all 4 players in one transaction.


First of all make sure you have a sufficient balance of BB$ in your account.


When you log into BBO, you should see this little window pop up in the bottom corner

This tells you your account balance.


If you have enough funds in your balance, you can pay for the special event. Next click on the blue BB$ button to the left of your name up the top of the screen.

When the next screen pops up, click on Transfer BB$

Now, just fill in a few details on the next page and then click on the blue Transfer button(note: “tourneytd” is the MasterBridge Online host account).

The short message should be “Paying for Bob Smith”  or “Paying for Bob + Carol” or “Paying for all of team 6”

You can find your team number here

If you had not enough funds in your balance (STEP 2 above), use the PURCHASE BB $ OPTION FIRST BEFORE COMPLETING STEP 3

IMPORTANT: It is better to buy BBO dollars on a regular computer (laptop or desktop) because Apple/Google apply a surcharge when you buy BB $ on a phone or tablet.

That’s it. You should receive a confirmation message from BBO almost instantly.

You will also receive a message (a little while later) from MasterBridge Online acknowledging receipt of your payment.