Tips on playing on Bridge Base Online (BBO)

Tips on playing on Bridge Base Online (BBO)

Here’s a series of tips and links that are sure to make your experience on BBO easier to understand and more fun!

Quick Guide for New BBO players

A series of short how-to videos on all aspects of BBO



  • Your hand is ALWAYS at the bottom of your screen, irrespective of your compass point.
  • When it is your turn to do something (like bid or play a card), your name will change to yellow.
  • The dealer is shown with the Letter “D” in the small board # square.

and remember RED means vulnerable and WHITE means not-vulnerable.


  • Please ensure that you have at least shown your FIRST name. I like to know against whom I am playing.
  • Under the OTHER section, you can include details of your system.


  • You SELF-ALERT you own calls – for your opponents’ eyes only.
    So, before you actually bid, press the ALERT and provide your explanation. NOW select your call Number & Denomination.


  • Please claim if you can, just like you do at the club – it speeds up the game.
  • There is no need to play out the hand to the last trick.