About us

About us

Hi. MasterBridge Online is a Sydney-based organisation run by Nick Fahrer (the owner of The Bridge Shop) to help provide bridge clubs and bridge players all around the world the opportunity to run online games for their members and friends. We run all our games on the popular Bridge Base Online (BBO) platform. If you’d like more information about how we can help you get back to the virtual bridge table, please look here for more information or send us an email.

Nick is the founder of MasterBridge Online and the club’s Chief Tournament Director. When not directing or playing on BBO, Nick is the owner of The Bridge Shop in Australia.

John is one of Australia’s most popular and experienced Directors, and the author of the essential guide Director is Called!

Patsy has been a director for the ABF and the ACBL for many years and runs many club and social bridge games in Sydney.

If you’d like to join the MasterBridge Online team of directors (paid work), please email us at hello@masterbridgeonline.com