Results of Special Events

Results of Special Events

15 May 2021 – Coffs Harbour Bridge Club Online Swiss Pairs

Open Pairs Winners:  Matti Shub and John Quayle

Restricted Pairs Winners:  Steve Calcraft and Roy Cotton

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01 May 2021 – MasterBridge Online MayDay IMP Pairs

1st Place:  Hamid Sadigh and Denise Barnes

2nd Place:  Deborah McLay and Ian Michelson

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18 April 2021 – MasterBridge Online End of April Teams Congress

1st Place BLOOM – Martin Bloom, Peter Gill, Liz Sylvester, Yumin Li

2nd Place COOK – Alexander Cook, Heath Henn, Catherine Chaffey, Andrew Goodchild

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11 Apr 2021 – MasterBridge Online April Teams Congress

1st Place:  FOSTER –  Julian Foster-David Weston, Kim Morrison-Chris Hughes

2nd Place: CLIFFORD – Colin Clifford-Julian Abel, Margaret Foster-Jeanette Abrams

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07 Mar 2021 – MasterBridge Online March Swiss Pairs Congress

Open Pairs Winners:  Kim Morrison and David Weston

Restricted Pairs Winners:  Keith O’Malley and Gordon Cook

Complete results:  Open   |   Restricted

03 Jan 2021 – MasterBridge Online Swiss Pairs Congress

Open Pairs Winners:  Rachel Langdon and Nikolas Moore

Restricted Pairs Winners:  Gabrielle Fitzgerald and Berenice Air

Complete results:  Open   |   Restricted

06 Dec – Central Coast Online Swiss Pairs Congress

Open Pairs Winners:  Tomer Libman and Lavy Libman

Restricted Pairs Winners:  Alan Bustany and Pauline Caust

Complete results: Open  |  Restricted

08 Nov – Southern Highlands Online Swiss Pairs Congress

Open Pairs Winners:  Paul Weaver + Terry Bodycote

Restricted Pairs Winners:  Cheryl Waters + Marie Pickering

Complete results: Open  |  Restricted

07 Nov – Southern Highlands Online Matchpoints Pairs Congress

Open Pairs Winners:  Frances Lyons + Helen Lowry

Restricted Pairs Winners:  Suzanne Cole + Noleen Cregan

Complete results: Open  |  Restricted

01 Nov – Mudgee Online Swiss Pairs Congress

Open Pairs Winners:  Louise Leibowitz and Tony Leibowitz

Restricted Pairs Winners: Tony White + Mary Poynten

Complete results: Open  |  Restricted

31 Oct – Mudgee Online Matchpoint Pairs Congress

Open Pairs Winners:  Pam Crichton + Ross Crichton

Restricted Pairs Winners:  Jennette Rosetta + Bev Furner

Complete results: Open  |  Restricted

24 Oct – Coffs Harbour Online Swiss Pairs Congress

Open Pairs Winners:  De Mitty + John Mottram

Intermediate Pairs Winners: Evelyn Colley + Dianne Strachan

Novice Pairs Winners: Jean Isaacs + Sally Kreplins

Complete results: Open  |  Intermediate  |   Novice

11 Oct – Pennant Hills Online Swiss Pairs Congress

Open Pairs Winners:  David Boga and Rosa Pang

Restricted Pairs Winners: Pauline Caust and Alan Bustany

Complete results: Open  |  Restricted

30 Aug – August Pairs Championship

Open Pairs Winners: Ellie Fitz-Gerald – Jim Fitz-Gerald

Restricted Pairs Winners: Sandy Spencer – John Delaney

Complete results: Open  |  Restricted

23 Aug – August Teams Championship

Winners: Martin Bloom – Peter Gill, Matthew Vadas – Michael Courtney

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