Social bridge with Patsy

Social bridge with Patsy


Registration for Tuesday’s 2PM game on BBO will open at midday Tuesday.

To sign up for the game, both you and your partner need to be logged into BBO via: or the BBO app on your tablet or phone.

When you log into BBO, you will land in the Lobby. To find Patsy’s tournament, click on Competitive:

Don't click on this image - do everything in BBO !

And then click on BBO Points Tournaments:

Now… look on the list of tournaments for this:

Click on the Tournament called Social Bridge with Patsy to invite your partner to play.

Make sure your partner is also logged in to BBO in order to invite them to play.

You will need to have enough BBO dollars in your account to play – these can be purchased here:

It is better to buy BBO dollars on a regular computer (laptop or desktop) because Apple/Google apply a surcharge when you buy BBO dollars on a phone or tablet.

Either you or your partner can invite the other player.

Type your partner’s name on the Partner line and then click on the Invite button when it turns blue.

This sends an invitation to your partner (who must also be logged into BBO).

When they accept the invitation you will both get a message on your screen confirming your entry. You can confirm you entry has been successful by clicking on Entries.

If you want, you can also pay for both your partner and yourself by clicking on the box next to that option, as in the image above.

That’s it! You do not need to stay logged into BBO until the 2:00 PM start time but please log in no later than 1:55 PM to be safe. If you are not logged in at 2:00 PM the game will automatically start without you.