Playing in a Teams match on BBO

Playing in a Teams match on BBO

Coffs Harbour Bridge Club would like to trial on-line team games on BBO during the social distancing period.  Playing a team match on BBO is (almost) the same as playing a team game in your club or in a weekend congress.

Some specifics for you as a player.

  1. The team game on BBO is set up by either one of the eight players or an independent team match host.
  2. As a player, you do not need to do anything, except be logged into anywhere in BBO and wait to be invited to join the team game.
  3. Once the team match host is confident all eight players are logged in, he will create the team game. This will send out an invitation to you (and the other seven players). Something like this will pop up on your screen.

Please click on the blue Accept button.

When all eight players accept their invitation, the team match begins and you will be automatically be taken to your seat opposite your partner.

What happens when we have completed our boards ?

  • When you have completed your boards, the table will close and you will be returned to the BBO lobby.
  • When both tables have completed their boards, your scoresheet will pop open on your screen.
  • After a short break, you will be invited to play in the next match (same as in Point 3, above)
  • After the completion of each round, scores will be posted on the event score page along with a link to scorecards and hand records.