Do you need an UNDO ?

At MasterBridge Online, our policy on UNDOs is quite simply:

  1. Firstly, did you mis-click? That is, you did NOT intend to take that action.
  2. Or, secondly did you make a MISTAKE and want to change your mind.

So, under the first instance you may then ask for an UNDO. This request is found in the Blue rectangle with three (3) white strips. This request is sent to your opponents to either ACCEPT or

This is exactly the same as in your real-life bridge. When you would call the Director and explain the situation for your “unintended” action.

If you make a MISTAKE, then the Director will NOT allow the change. An example, you open 1S and partner responded 4C (Gerber) and you PASSED thinking they had bid 4S. Was your PASS a mis-click? The answer is NO, so you cannot ask for it. Bridge is full of mistakes and this was just one of them that we need to learn to live with.

Our policy is that for any mis-click, we ask they be accepted, this lets the game proceed, and then let the Director decide on the merits of the request – if you have a problem.

As explained, we would never allow an UNDO for mistakes, another example – like I forgot the system and thought I was playing with someone else.

Further, also some players play on iPads / tablets where the keys are small and the fat fingers syndrome. Another example would be, the Pass and Double buttons are too close together – and
very easy to press the wrong one. My request to all players, please let the Director make the final decision, as that is why they are here, not just to set up the game.