Director’s resources

Director’s resources

Current MBO roster

Here’s a bunch of documents and links that you will find useful.

Useful phrases to cut and paste (these are just suggestions, no need to use them all)

Before the game

  • 5 minutes until game time… is your partner online ?
  • About to start…

When the game starts and during the game

  • We’re playing an 8 x 3 board Howell today – good luck and enjoy !
  • Please welcome your opponents at the start of each round and state your basic system and carding
  • A quick reminder that you must alert your bids on BBO – just like you would at the club
  • If you can, please make a claim – there is no need to play out the hand to the last trick
  • Please make sure you keep an eye on the clock in the corner – once that clock reaches zero the system will automatically move you to the next round
  • Just waiting on a couple of tables, then we’ll move for the next round
  • Looks like we’ve reached the half way stage of the game
  • About to move for the last round – thank-you for playing – results coming soon via email as well as on our website. Hope to see you again soon.
  • That’s it – we’ve made it to the last round – thank-you playing – results coming soon via email. Hope to see you again soon..
  • (At a table that is holding up the move.) Please make a claim if you can