Do you need an UNDO ?

Do you need an UNDO ?

Do you need an UNDO ?

At MasterBridge Online, our policy on UNDOs is quite simply: Firstly, did you mis-click? That is, you did NOT intend to take that action. Or, secondly did you make a MISTAKE and want to change your mind. So, under the first instance you may then ask for an UNDO. This request is found in the

No more congress bridge bubble

Great news ! John and Nick have successfully lobbied the Australian Bridge Federation to permit interstate players to join the NSWBA congresses we run. Previously only NSW and ACT players could play but now all our friends and players from QLD, VIC, TAS, SA, WA and NT are more than welcome.

Digital Care Pack

Back in March, when it became clear we weren’t going anywhere soon, Nick contacted a lot of his friends and contacts in the bridge world around the globe and put together a Digital Care Pack – a bunch of freebies to while away the days and weeks while we socially distance. Browse and download a

August Teams Championship

On Sunday 23 August, MasterBridge Online ran a very successful 16 team Swiss teams – 4 matches of 14 boards. Congratulations to the winners – Team Bloom – Martin Bloom, Peter Gill, Matthew Vadas and Michael Courtney. They faced the second placed team Sylvester- Liz Sylvester, Yumin Lee, Marni Leybourne, Trevor Fuller in a close

Alerting on BBO (includes announcements)

Guidelines for Alerts All members should understand that, due to the fact that we have members from all over the world as well as members of all levels of ability and experience, not all players will agree on which bids should be alerted and which bids should be considered ‘standard‘. The management of BBO is

Press Release from BBO

Here’s an important press release from BBO on the subject of bad behaviour and cheating. Click here to read the Press Release. Both John and Nick, as well as MasterBridge Online, endorse the sentiment of this announcement.  

July Ladder Winners

Congratulations to Jan and Anthony Tuxworth whose best ten games during July averaged a very impressive 64%. The win a $50 gift voucher from The Bridge Shop. If you’re wondering what’s happened to the popular ladders in August, BBO have advised that clubs cannot offer prizes (apart from Masterpoints) for their games. We’re also working

Claiming on BBO

When life was simpler… during those BC (Before Covid) times and we played bridge at the club, we were encouraged to speed up the game a little by making a claim when we could. After all, there’s not a lot to gain by playing out the hand when you have all the remaining tricks or